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Wants some fun tonight 1842

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The Grateful Thread | Page | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

Location: Katy, Texas. Tom BSep 10, Location: Long River Place. Location: Philadelphia. US BluesSep 10, Location: East Bay, Ca. Instant DharmaSep 10, LhystrixnotesofachordCrispy Rob and 2 others like. Location: DC Wants some fun tonight 1842 and Delaware shore. Ivandianuaditis and warewolf95 like.

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This is one of the greatest Peggy O's. You gotta hear it! Also, i'm getting kinda sick of the routinely lame first set song choices this year has thrown at me so far - how long until some In The Dark stuff makes an appearance? Mansley and US Wants some fun tonight 1842 like.

Ok, so I'm on show 15 of and Man Smart has so far been played at 7 of those shows including That doesn't sound like a lot but it sure seems that way! Set 2 has some great highlights but as a whole the gig is uneven A very rare Iko Iko opener for tonight's.

It's very cajun and fun. Great way to open a Wants some fun tonight 1842 It starts pretty slow but gets cooking Married shreveport louisiana bi looking it stumbles to a close. The boys mercifully keep building us up and follow it with a tasty hot Minglewood. A very smooth, very, very nice Peggy O is. Jerry is hitting all the right notes in all the right places. It's one of the best of all time at least of the Wants some fun tonight 1842 so far and Jerry's playing makes it more than worth seeking out!!!

I gotta say I never mind this or MAMU because they are great vehicles for Jerry to shred and they are over and done before they can outstay their welcome.

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Also, both are great tonight as usual. Yea though, tonight is a fantastic night for Jerry. He's just shredding it up big time.

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Up next is a highly enjoyable Bird Song. It's still only just a vehicle for Jerry's soloing, but what a vehicle it is! This one is pretty sweet. Worth hearing. After letting Jerry reign supreme for the last Wants some fun tonight 1842 tpnight, Bobby pushes him aside to throw out a fine CC Rider.

And like any hot Rooster, it's a hot CC. Not much to say other than that is probably one of the highlights of this bland-yet-very-well-played set. Oh man it's wonderful too! You guys know I'm a big fan of a good LLR and this is surely one.

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Wants some fun tonight 1842 It's perfect in tempo and mood. It sounds like a movie scene soundtrack Easy women from florida or. It's just gorgeous as hell. It sounds rushed, but it's not poor by any means — just fast. Around Jerry breaks out the distortion and proceeds to tear us a new one Wqnts it comes to a close.

Good set but not one I'll be likely to ever return to.

Because they just love this song so much, we get a fun Man Smart to open set 2. Kinda cool because we had it's brother, Iko Iko open the first set. Despite being bored to Wantw just because of how much they've played the song lately, I still enjoy it Wants some fun tonight 1842 of how fun it is.

Wants some fun tonight 1842 I Am Seeking Sex Dating

How's that for a contradictory statement, eh? Fuh finally like a breath of fresh air, a rare second set Sugaree guides us out of Man Smart. Like most, it's a slow Springfield missouri wives sexting to start, but once it gets going it builds into a volcanic kind of eruption — and this one is no exception! Toight out Wants some fun tonight 1842 slow ascension northward that begins around 5 minutes Wants some fun tonight 1842.

Things just slowly get more intense som more powerful bar by bar by bar. Friggin' fantastical. After the first round, the guys bring it down for a few minutes, letting Jerry quietly noodle away while the rhythm players keep the momentum flowing at full bore. Jerry's laying back and probably enjoying listening to everyone else play as much as I am.

After what seems like forever, Estimated Prophet returns to the setlist. It begins on the slow side again until, as usual, it reaches fever pitch with Bobby summoning Satan and his demons to the daily scream fest. Around minutes Jerry takes his first solo break and it's just Wants some fun tonight 1842 kinds of perfect.

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Friggin' sweet Estimated. And just when it can't vun any darker, the sun comes out from behind the Wants some fun tonight 1842 and lays upon us a super upbeat UJB. Always welcome around these parts!!!

Jerry drops the ball solo-wise for the first time all show, but the power and intensity of the rest of the band's playing more than makes up for it. From here, out of Space, we get The Other One. It starts Wamts haphazardly and almost sounds like it's going to morph into Good Lovin' before finally congealing into Feel horny in new brockton alabama Wants some fun tonight 1842 interdimensional TOO.

It's 142 too impressive, but it hits the spot. And like cool ice water pouring over our scorched scalps, Stella Blue rolls in from the mists. A phenomenal segue, by the way! There's an occasional unsteadiness that prevents me from rating it higher, but it's really.

After that heavenly feast for our brains, how else can you go but with a perfectly timed Sugar Mag?

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Wonderful choice guys! What a killer ending to the set! To top it all off, we get Wantw rare Satisfaction as the encore. Overall, an odd.

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Set one had the most boring setlist ever, but Jerry was ON. The show was too uneven for me to give it the coveted double star rating, but it was still pretty excellent for what it Wants some fun tonight 1842. US Blues likes tonighr. Location: Rhode Island. So I just saw that the next 5 and last shows of the spring tour have great setlists.

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Location: Livingston NJ. Last edited: Sep 10, tonigght DahabenzappleSep 10, ThirdBowlbudwhiteCrispy Rob and 6 others like.

Location: Colorado Front Range.

I Am Wants Sex Chat Wants some fun tonight 1842

I went for a long hike with my daughters today and when we got back to the jeep I turned on some Dead as usual and my youngest said "Oldies music again! MonkeyManSep 10, ThirdBowlbudwhiteCrispy Rob and 4 others like. Wants some fun tonight 1842Sep 10, RunbudwhiteCrispy Rob and 2 others like.

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