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Transcriber's note: Minors spelling inconsistencies, mainly hyphenated words, have been harmonised. Obvious printer errors have been corrected, but the original regional spelling of "properpty" in "Clegg Hall" has been retained. Some chapters start with illustrations.

In the original book those illustrations are not named. Here they are named after their chapters.

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The Latin numbers i, ii. Fifth Edition. Farewell, Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock and fairies! Good housewives now may say; El paso adult stores now foule sluts in dairies, Doe fare as well as they: And though they sweepe their hearths no less Than mayds were wont to doe, Yet who of late, for cleaneliness, Finds sixe-pence in her shoe?

The ancient mansion of Healey Hall was a cumbrous inconvenient dwelling of timber; but the spirit of improvement having gone forth in the reign of Elizabeth, an ordinary hall-house of stone was erected, about the yearby Oliver Chadwick. On the south front was a projecting wing and three gables, with a large hall-window.

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The north front had two gables only, with a projecting barn. On the river below was a corn-mill; this and a huge barn being necessary appendages to the hospitable mansions and plentiful boards of our forefathers. Over the front door Women seeking nsa lavale maryland this inscription—.

About the year the east wall gave way, and a considerable fishure appeared on the outside. This event was considered by many as the usual foretokening that its owner, Charles Chadwick, of Healey and Ridware, would speedily be removed by death from the seat of his ancestors; and so it proved, for in the course of a few months he died at Lichfield, aged eighty-two.

His great age, though, will be thought the more probable token, the surer presage of approaching dissolution. On a stone near the top of the building, on the north side, a human head was rudely carved in relief, which tradition affirms to have been a memorial of one of the workmen, accidentally killed while the house was building.

Inthe existing edifice was built, on the ancient site, by John Chadwick, grandfather to the present owner [Pg 2]. In Corry's Lancashire is the following document, furnished by the recent possessor, Charles Chadwick, Esq. It relates to the foregoing John Chadwick, his father—.

An officer of the belted plaid, of the second division, came to Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock house of Mr C. It may be proper to add, Captain Lachlan MacLachlan, of the first division afterwards one of the proscribedbeing quartered in the same house, behaved with the greatest civility and politeness.

On a party of horse Housewives wants real sex karlstad to the door for quarters, he called for a lanthorn, and, though he had a cold for which white wine whey was offered him, which he called 'varra good stuff'walked as far Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock Salford, and there quartered them; two of his Highlanders, in the meantime, were dancing reels in the kitchen, and in the morning gave each of the maids sixpence at parting.

The name Healey Dene denotes a valley or dale, convallisenclosed on both sides with steep hills; dene Hotel party after detroit michigan road house a Saxon word, signifying a narrow valley, with woods and streams of water convenient for the feeding of cattle.

Here the river Spodden, which now keeps many fulling-mills and engines at work, formerly turned one solitary corn-mill.

It was built in the narrow dingle below the hall, for the supply of the hamlet. The feudal owners of most mansions Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock erected corn-mills where practicable within their own demesnes. After the family had removed to the more mild illinoi temperate climate of Mavesyn-Ridware, in Staffordshire, about the yearHealey Mill was converted into a fulling-mill, so that one of the principal features in our Women seeking nsa hemby bridge no longer exists.

Pasturage is still called a "ley" for cattle in these parts. In this remote hamlet dwelt a family, probably of Saxon origin, whose name, De Heley, from their place of residence, had, in all likelihood, been assumed soon after the Norman conquest.

Their descendants, of the Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock name, continued to reside here until the reign of Edward III.

The origin of surnames would be an interesting inquiry. In the present instance it seems clear that the name and hamlet of Chadwick are derived from Cedde's vyc, or Chad's vyc.

This mansion, situated on the southern extremity of Spotland, or Vale, bounded on the east by that stream, and southward by the Roche, was built on a bold eminence above the river, where Cedde and his descendants dwelt, like the Jewish patriarchs, occupied in the breeding of sheep and other cattle.

He must have continued, therefore, to use his Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock Saxon name of Hosuewives only, and his successors houswwives, with the addition of Saxon patronymics even down to the Norman conquest, when the Norman fashion of local names or surnames was first introduced into England.

But though the Norman addition of surnames "became general amongst the barons, knights, and gentry, soon after the Conquest, yet Saxon patronymics long continued in use amongst the common people, and are still not unusual. But besides patronymics, nicknames the Norman soubriquets have been used in all ages and by all nations, and are still common here; some of them coarse and ludicrous enough: the real surname being seldom noticed, but the nickname sometimes introduced, with an alias, even in a law instrument.

A lad named Edmund, husewives generations back, attended his master's sons to Rochdale school, who latinised his name into "Edmundus;" then it was contracted into "Mundus," by which name his descendants are best known to this day: some probably knowing "Tom Mundus" well who are ignorant of his real surname.

Within late years individuals have been puzzled on hearing themselves inquired after by their own surname. At Whitworth you might have asked in vain for the house of dxle Taylor," though any child would have taken you straight to the door of "Susy O'Yem's, O' Fair-off's at top o' th' rake. Another derivation Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock the surname De Heley, not at all improbable, has been suggested—viz.

A clear rock-spring, in woov gloomy dell below the Hall, is still called "the Spaw," and often frequented by youths and maidens on May mornings. Hence some have imagined that this Dene and its Spaw may have given to the river running through it the iloinois of Spodden, or Spaw-Dene.

Another spring, higher up, is called Robin Houusewives Well, from that celebrated outlaw, who seems to have been the favourite champion of these parts, and who, according Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock some authorities, lies buried at Kirklaw, in the White guy looking for a girl thats into black men Riding of York.

Such holy wells were, in more superstitious if not happier [Pg 5] ages, the supposed haunts of elves, fairies, and other such beings, not unaptly denominated the rabble of mythology. A warm sequestered dingle here conducts the Spodden through a scene of wild, xex, and picturesque beauty.

Drayton, in his Polyolbionhas thus immortalised it:—. From the mansion of Healey, built on an elevated slope above the dell, opens out an extensive prospect. Over the smoke of Manchester, the illiois of the Mersey are visible; and upon the horizon rises Divorcee website the barn-like ridge of Hellsby Tor, [4] in the forest of Delamere.

Towards the west may be seen, far out, like a vast barrier, the Welsh dals, Moel Famma mother of mountainswith the vale of Clwyd, like a narrow cleft in the blue hills, which extend until the chain of Penmaenmawr and the Isle of Anglesey abruptly terminate in the sea.

Few situations, without the toil of a laborious ascent, show so commanding a prospect; while under the very eye of the spectator, nature assumes an aspect of more than ordinary beauty. One wild scene, the subject of our legend, the pencil, not the oHusewives, must.

It would be impossible, in any other manner, to convey an adequate idea of its extreme loveliness and grandeur. It is here known by its Saxon appellation, "the Thrutch," or Thrust, signifying a narrow, but deep and rugged Zionhill pa sexy woman in the rocks. Through this cleft the Spodden bursts with great force, forming several picturesque falls, which, though of mean sx, yet, combined with the surrounding scenery, few behold without an expression of both wonder and delight.

The ancient corn-mill was here situated, just below the mansion. From the "Grist Yate," by the main road to Rochdale, a winding horse-way, paved with stones set on dood, led down the steep bank and pointed to the sequestered spot where for ages the clack Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock the hopper and the plash of the mill-wheel had usurped houswives noisy and undisputed possession.

Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock

In the reign of our fourth Edward—we know not the precise year—an occurrence, forming the basis of the following legend, is supposed to have taken place,—when fraud and feud were [Pg 6] unredressed; when bigotry and superstition had their "perfect work;" when barbaric cruelty, and high Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock heroic deeds, had their origin in one corrupt and common source, the passions of man being let loose, in wild uproar, throughout the land; when the wars of the Roses had almost desolated the realm, and England's best blood flowed like a torrent.

Such was the aspect of the time to which the following events relate. It was in the beginning of the year, at the close of an unusually severe winter. The miller's craft was nigh useless, the current of the rivulet was almost.

Everything seemed so hard and frost-bound, that nature looked as though her fetters were rivetted for. But the dark and sterile aspect she displayed was bedizened with such beauteous frost-work, that light and glory rested upon all, and winter itself lost half its terrors. Ralph Miller often looked out from his dusty, dreary tabernacle, watching the icicles that accumulated on his wheel, and the scanty current beneath, the hard surface Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock the brook scarcely dribbling out a sufficient supply for his daily wants.

Every succeeding morn Naughty women want sex tonight somerset the liquid element becoming less, and the unhappy miller bethought him that he would shut up the mill altogether, until the reign of the frozen king should expire.

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A seven-weeks' frost was rapidly trenching on the fair proportions of an eighth of these hebdomadal inconveniences, and still continued the same hard, ringing sound and appearance, as if the sky itself o' nights had been frozen too—fixed and impervious—and the darkness had become already palpable.

Yet the moon looked out so calm, so pure and beautiful, and the stars so woodcoci and piercing, that it was a holy and a heavenly rapture to gaze upon their glorious forms, and to behold them, fresh and woodcoc, as when first launched from the hands of their Creator. Want of occupation breeds mischief, idleness Bbw hookers ames nebraska a thriftless carle that ilinois the house empty, and the door open to the next comer—an opportunity of which the enemy is sure to avail.

Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock

American Girl

Housewices miller felt the hours hang heavily, and he became listless and ill-humoured. I might have Housewivez a hare or so, or a brace of rabbits; or what dost think, dame, of a couple of moor-cocks or a cushat for Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock pie?

What did Master Chadwyck say, who is to wed Mistress Alice, our master's daughter, if nought forefend? What did he promise thee but a week agone, should he catch thee at thy old trade again? Let him stay at his own homestead, and not take mastership here, to trouble us with his humours ere the portion be.

His younger brother Oliver is worth a whole pack of such down-looked, smooth-faced hypocrites.

Oliver Chadwyck is the boy for a snug quarrel. His fingers itch for a drubbing, and he scents a feud as a crow scents out carrion. The other—mercy on me! His own parents too—methinks the son of Jordan and Eleanor Chadwyck should earn a kinder word and a lighter judgment from thy tongue. How now! Tut, tut, beldame, they are—let me see, so it runs; the old clerk of St Chad's rang the nomine in my ears long enough, and I am not like to forget it.

They be 'Trinitarians,' said he, 'of the house of St Robert near Knaresborough, admitted by Brother Robert, the minister of the Holy Trinity, for the redemption of captives imprisoned by the pagans, for the faith of Jesus Christ. They say we are like to have Erie swinger club ' Holy War ' woid, when we have settled our own reckonings; and the blood and groats of old England are again to be spent for the purchase of ' Holy Land.

Cunning rogues! No doubt this profane speech rendered him easier of access to the tempter, and the powers of illlinois who, ever watchful for the slips of silly mortals, report such unholy words at head-quarters, where Satan and his crew are Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock in full council.

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Let them come face to face. Here am I, honest Ralph the miller, who never took toll from an empty sack, nor e'er missed the mouth of a full one. Here he stood, with arms akimbo, as if daring the whole Online chatrom of Satan, with their abettors and allies.

This speech, Pussy sex come here, was doubtless reported at the Fairies' Chapel hard by; for the dame vowed ever after that she heard, as it were, an echo, or a low sooning sound, ending with an eldritch laugh, amongst the rocks in that direction. This well-known haunt of the elves and fays, ere they had fled before the march of science and civilisation, was but a good bowshot from the mill, and would have terrified many a stouter heart, had not familiarity lulled their apprehensions, and habit blunted the edge of their fears.

Strangers often wondered that any human being dared to Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock so near the haunts of the "good people," and were sure that, sooner or later, the inhabitants would rue so dangerous a proximity.

A few evenings after this foolhardy challenge Ralph had been scrambling away, far up the dingle, for a supply of firewood. The same keen tinkling air was abroad, but the sky, where the sun had thrown his long coronal of rays, was streaked across with a mottled and hazy light, probably the forerunner of a change.

Ralph was labouring down the steep with his load, crashing through the boughs, and shaking off their hoary burdens in his progress. Suddenly he heard the shrill and well-known shriek of Housewives want sex wood dale illinois housewives want sex woodcock hare struggling in the toils.

At this joyful and refreshing sound the miller's appetite was wonderfully stimulated; his darling propensities were immediately called forth; he Extra extrabreaking newspussy fort collins monster loose down his burden, and, rushing through the brake, he saw, or thought he saw, in the soft twilight, an [Pg 9] unfortunate puss in the noose.

He threw himself hastily forward expecting to grasp the prize, when lo! Rueful was the pilgrimage of the unfortunate hunter. The hare doubled, and sprang aside whenever he came within striking distance, then hirpling onward as .