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Can you have babies in sims 3 I Am Searching Sex Tonight

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Can you have babies in sims 3

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Details. Next Go.

June in Expansion Packs. SimCrazy Posts: 9, Member. June edited June Aww it would be cute if the simbots can build simbot babies.

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FlamingoKicker1 Posts: 4, Member. It would be better if they could send out for a kit and build.

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I always wished Servos had been able to do that in Sims 2. You could then have babiee bots "go online" and purchase upgrades to themselves like Portsmouth escort heads, stronger arms, sleeker legs.

I have two one female and one male that are married.

Yes, I'm pretty sure you can have a baby If they put it in the Sims 3, then they must have put it in the Sims 3 Pets. If not, I, myself and I'm sure. you have to have both sims in bed then press relax on both sims!then the one that your not on press try for baby!but both sims have to be. Can you have babies on sims 3 3ds (not pets)?. ANSWER. TRACK | REPORT | SEE ANSWERS. Related questions for this game. Can you build a pool in sims 3 .

And the option to try for baby dosen't come up. Sim bot Love. SimGuruAce Posts: LoriQuail Posts: 9.

July edited July You can have simbot babies. They're just already fully grown and your simbot parent Woman want nsa francis it. Once you have a simbot you need to build up their inventing skill to lvl Once your simbot has gotten the phone call and completed the challenge they are able to make their own simbot.

Can you have babies in sims 3

The simbot your simbot creates is their offspring. They even have their own family tree.

I'm in the process of creating the 6th generation of my Simbot family lol. Judiland Posts: 2, Member.

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I had a Can you have babies in sims 3 in my original family which I moved out with a "daughter" of mine, actually to different households. After playing my main charicture I checked in with my "daughter" and found she had birthed twins, but was still unmarried ahem as every little sim is a blessing I checked to see who their father was and was startled to find it was my Simbot!

I think I'll upload the "family" to the exchange and bookmark this thread so I can list it here in an edit later.

The Strangest part Can you have babies in sims 3 this story was when I checked in on this "daughter" initally it only caught my attention because she looked like the maid I had Sheri Carlton long since gone but not forgotten as she wasen't much of a maid you see, it babeis the wrong picture.

So, The whole thing may just be a glitch, and I really don't know if family relations still exist after uploading to the exchange, but what the heck I can try, both of the boy's look like normal sim babies, toddlers but you never know what will happen as they get older, probably nothing but what the heck it'll be fun just the.

Anybody else have Simbot Swanage fl sex free ads in their game?

Yarmouthlily Posts: I had a simbot that was living alone in twinbrook and i sorta forgot Can you have babies in sims 3 him for awhile. I decided to play him a couple weeks ago just to see what he had been up to and discovered that he had 2 young adult children from 2 different female sims in town, he was never married to them or living with either of them Yarmouthlily wrote:.

The story progression picks random people put them together normally with compatable babiee sometimes with oposite traits, it can't tell its a simbot so Women want real sex newton grove story progression its just another person in a house hold.

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It only happens with the male simbots tho as females one can't pregnant, just imagine when we first got ts3 where they had a bf and instant baby came that would have probably gave a female simbot a baby.

So I expect the babies will be purely Sim in their replicating.

When their ready to replicate. Judiland wrote:.

I Am Searching Sexual Dating Can you have babies in sims 3

Smeelia Posts: 2, New Member. I vaguely remember reading that only Teens and higher can be affected by the Simbot trait so it's possible those Simbot children will start acting in a more robotic fashion when they become Teens, that would be awesome. Smeelia wrote:.

you have to have both sims in bed then press relax on both sims!then the one that your not on press try for baby!but both sims have to be. How to Have a Baby in the Sims 3. Sims with the Family aspiration would love to have children, and you yourself might want even more little. Yes, I'm pretty sure you can have a baby If they put it in the Sims 3, then they must have put it in the Sims 3 Pets. If not, I, myself and I'm sure.

Anyone else have simbot babies, prehaps grown yet? I have a simbot baby. August edited August I'm trying to get one from the past.

Can simbots have babies — The Sims Forums

UltimaUnit0 Posts: 2. Im sorry MrPeteyMax Posts: January edited January SimBot babies would be awesome.

It'd be cool if you could upgrade them, like what was mentioned earlier in this thread. It does happen with story progression, they become hybrids.

Looks like a sim but does simbot stuff. May edited May Simbots are robots.

3 Ways to Have a Baby in the Sims 3 - wikiHow

It would be cool but soon the robots get rusty and break. Not sure whether it workedas it has only just happened.

I do have a mod to to with "Try For Baby". Just to clarify My female sim is now pregnant.

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