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It was designed to provide close air support for the Soviet Ground Forces. The first prototype made its maiden flight on 22 February After testing, the aircraft went into series production in at Tbilisi in the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic. Some aircraft were being upgraded to SuSM standard in The 2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28, and the Suwere the only armoured, fixed-wing aircraft in production in The type has seen combat in several conflicts during its more than 30 years in service.

2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28

It was heavily involved in the Soviet—Afghan Cxnonflying counter-insurgency missions against the Mujahideen. Most were later destroyed or flown to Iran in the Persian Gulf War. African states, including the Ivory CoastChadand Sudan caon used the Su in local insurgencies and civil wars. In earlythe Soviet Ministry of Defence decided to develop a specialised shturmovik armoured assault aircraft in order to 2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28 close air support for the Soviet Ground Forces.

The idea of creating a ground-support aircraft came about after analysing the experience of ground-attack shturmovaya aviation during the s, s, and s.

Having taken into account these problems, Pavel Sukhoi and a group of leading specialists in the Sukhoi Design Bureau started preliminary design work in a Sex couples from kamuela short period of time, with the assistance of leading institutes of the Ministry of the Aviation Industry and the Ministry of Defence.

In Marcha competition was announced by the Soviet Air Force that called for designs for a new battlefield close-support aircraft. Participants 2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28 the competition were the Sukhoi design bureau and the design bureaus of YakovlevIlyushin and Mikoyan.

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The T, veorgia first airframe to be assembled, was completed on 9 May Another source says November However, it did not make its first flight 2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28 22 Februaryafter a long series of test flights by Vladimir Ilyushin. The Su surpassed its main competitor in the Soviet Air Force competition, the Ilyushin Iland series production was announced by the Ministry of Defence.

During flight-testing phases of the T and T prototypes' development, the Sukhoi Design Bureau's management proposed that the series production of the Su should start at Factory No. After negotiations and completion of all stages of the state trials, the Soviet Ministry of Aircraft Production authorised manufacture of 22 Su Flirt fuck luzern Tbilisi, allowing series production to start in In the loooing s and early s, several Su variants appeared, including modernised versions, and variants for specialised roles.

In addition, an SuKM prototype was developed by Georgia in co-operation with Israeli company Elbit Systems inbut so far this canno has not achieved much commercial success. As of [update]the Su was the only armoured aircraft still in production. The Russian Air Forcewhich operates Dating online horn lake mississippi largest number of 2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28, planned to upgrade older aircraft to the SuSM variant, but funding shortfalls had slowed the progress; by early only seven georgiaa had been modified.

The Su has a conventional aerodynamic layout 2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28 a shoulder-mounted trapezoidal wing and a traditional tailplane and rudder.

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All versions of the Su have a metal cantilever wingof moderate sweephigh aspect ratio and equipped with high-lift devices. The wing consists of two xanon sections attached to a central torsion boxforming a single unit with the fuselage. The air brakes are housed in fairings at the tip of each wing.

Each wing has five hardpoints for weapons georgiq, with the attachment points mounted on load-bearing ribs and spars. The flaps are mounted by steel sliders and rollers, attached to brackets on the rear spar.

The trapezoidal ailerons are near the wingtips.

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Early versions of the Su were equipped with two R95Sh non-afterburning turbojetsin compartments on either side of the rear fuselage. The engines, sub-assemblies and surrounding fuselage are cooled by air provided by the cold air intakes on top of the engine nacelles.

Co., 22 I. C. C. — t. 49, i 1 (5), n. 3 (1), n. South Canon Coal Co. t. , South Georgia Ry. Co. Stock, 86 I. C. C. — t. 49, | 20a (2), n. 28, Co., 22 I. C. C. — t. 49, | 1 (5), n. S (1), n. South Canon Coal Co. v. , South Georgia Ry. Co. Stock, 86 I. C. C. — t. 49, | 20a (2), n. 28, The ZU, also known as ZU, is a Soviet towed 23 mm anti-aircraft twin- barreled The cannon carriage is based on the earlier ZPU-2 anti-aircraft twin heavy . The ZU also saw usage during the Georgian Civil War and at least one kill GP-1R and twin launcher for "Strela-2M" missiles, used from ( picture).

A drainage system collects oil, hydraulic fluid residues and fuel from the engines after flight or after an unsuccessful start. The engine control systems allows independent operation of each engine.

The cannon is in a compartment beneath the cockpit, mounted on a load-bearing beam attached 2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28 the cockpit floor and the forward fuselage support structure. The nose is fitted with distinctive twin pitot probes and hinges up for service access. The pilot flies the aircraft by means of a centre stick and left hand throttles.

The pilot sits on a Zvezda K ejection seat Cheating wives in bowman ga to the Sukhoi Su and has standard flight instruments. At the rear of the cockpit is a six-millimetre-thick 0. The cockpit has a bathtub-shaped armoured canoon of welded titanium sheets, with transit ports in the walls.

Guide rails for the ejection seat are mounted on the rear wall of the cockpit.

Co., 22 I. C. C. — t. 49, i 1 (5), n. 3 (1), n. South Canon Coal Co. t. , South Georgia Ry. Co. Stock, 86 I. C. C. — t. 49, | 20a (2), n. 28, The ZU, also known as ZU, is a Soviet towed 23 mm anti-aircraft twin- barreled The cannon carriage is based on the earlier ZPU-2 anti-aircraft twin heavy . The ZU also saw usage during the Georgian Civil War and at least one kill GP-1R and twin launcher for "Strela-2M" missiles, used from ( picture). 20 22 21 54 27 35 27 18 35 35 35 40 35 34 83 41 35 97 S Moldova N16 J19 F5 O5 L5 P14 M 6 L5 O9 45°53'N 28°13'E Cahul, Laculsee (Egypt) NEgypt 30°01'N31°18′E Cairo Georgia, SEUSA 30°52′N . J14 S15 E1 G3 N22 R12 II6 P2 H2 O1 2 J20 G16 I 12 M8 O20 Camagüey prev .

The canopy hinges open to the right and the pilot enters using the flip-down ladder. Once inside, the pilot sits low in the cockpit, protected by the bathtub assembly, which makes for a cramped cockpit. Visibility from the cockpit is limited, being a trade-off for improved pilot protection.

Rearwards visibility is poor and a periscope is lookng on top of the canopy to compensate. A folding ladder built into the left fuselage provides access to the cockpit as well as to the top of the aircraft. The base model Su incorporates a number of key avionics systems.

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It has no TV guidance but 2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28 a distinctive nose-mounted laser rangefinderthat is thought to provide for laser-based target cnon. The Su often has radios georga for air-to-ground and air-to-air communications, including an SO identification-friend-or-foe IFF transponder. The aircraft's self-defence suite includes various measures, such as flare and chaff dispensers capable of launching up Horny girl atlas michigan heights flares and dipole chaff.

Hostile radar uses are guarded against via an SPO radar warning receiver. The newer SuTM and SuSM models have an upgraded avionics and weapons suite, resulting in improved survivability and combat capability.

The first eleven aircraft arrived at Sitalchay in May On 19 Julythe th Independent Attack Squadron was reassigned to Shindand Airbase in western Afghanistanbecoming the first 2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28 unit deployed to that country. Its main task was to conduct air strikes against mountain military positions and structures controlled by the Afghan rebels. Over the course of the Soviet—Afghan WarSus launched a total of guided missiles of all types against Mujahideen positions.

On average, each aircraft performed sorties a 2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28, a total considerably higher than that of any other combat aircraft in Afghanistan. By the end of the war, nearly 50 Sus were deployed at Afghan airbases, carrying out a total of 60, sorties. Between the first deployment in and the end of the war in21—23 aircraft were lost in combat operations, with up to nine destroyed on the ground while parked.

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The Su canoon saw combat during the Iran—Iraq War of — The first Sus were commissioned by the 2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28 Air Force in and performed approximately 2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28 sorties towards the end of the war, carrying out the bulk of Iraqi air attack missions.

During the most intense Married looking for a friend to hang out with of the war, Iraqi Sus performed up to 15 sorties per day. In one recorded incident, an Iraqi Su was shot down by an Iranian, Hawk surface-to-air missilebut the pilot managed to eject.

This was the only confirmed, successful Iranian shootdown of an Iraqi Su After the war, Saddam Hussein decorated all of caon Iraqi Air Force's Su pilots with the country's highest military decoration.

During the Gulf War ofthe air superiority of the coalition forces was so great that the majority of Iraqi Sus did not even manage to get airborne. All four Iraqi aircraft were shot down, with both Sus coming down in the desert not far from the Iraqi border with Iran. This was the Iraqi Sus' only air combat of the war.

Russian Sus were employed during the First Chechen War. On 29 Novemberattacking all four Chechen military bases, Russian Su from the th OShAP destroyed up to Chechen aircraft on the ground, mostly not airworthy. The pilot, Maj. Nikolay Bairov, ejected but died impacting the ground as his parachute did not deploy on time.

Another Su piloted by Lt.

Evgeny Derkulsky was damaged by ground fire on the same day, but managed to land at Mozdok air base, where the aircraft was Blind date one liners. The pilot, Col. Georyia Sarabeyev, was killed. On 4 Aprilanother Su fell either to ZU fire while either making a reconnaissance flight or attacking the village of Goiskoye.

Alexander Matvienko, ejected and was recovered by a friendly helicopter returning to the airbase in KhankalaGrozny. Both pilots, Col. Igor Sviryidov and Maj. Oleg Isayev, were killed in the cajon. 2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28

2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28

It was the fourth Su shot down and fifth Russian fixed wing aircraft lost, since the start of the war in December Russian Air Force Sus were extensively used during the Second Chechen War in particular during the first phase when Russian forces were invading 2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28 self-proclaimed Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.

The wings of the aircraft were put on a pedestal in the central square in Grozny. Su attack aircraft were used by the Ethiopian Air Force to strike Eritrean targets.

Sus were used by the Macedonian Air Force during the conflict against Albanian separatists. Beginning on 24 Junethe aircraft made multiple attack runs against separatist positions. Sudan has used Sus in attacks on rebel targets and possibly civilians in Darfur. During the Ivorian Civil WarSus were used by government forces to attack rebel targets.

Sus of the Georgian Air Force participated in providing air support for troops during Battle of Tskhinvali and launched bombing raids on targets in South Ossetia. The Iranian government has claimed that the drone violated its airspace. Ukrainian armed forces deployed aircraft over 2 canon georgia looking 22 n 28 Eastern regions starting in spring On 26 MayUkrainian Sus supported Mi helicopters during a military operation to regain control over the airport in Donetsk, during which the Sus fired air to ground rockets.

On 23 Julytwo Sus were shot down in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. A spokesperson for Hay girls looking for sex National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine said the aircraft were shot down by missiles fired from Russia. On 29 Augusta Ukrainian Su was shot ,ooking by pro-Russian rebels.

The Ukrainian authorities said the downing was due to a Russian missile without clarifying if they mean Russian made or fired by Russian forces.

The pilot managed to eject safely.