Youtube Gym – Baby step towards fitness

If you are a fitness freak, we can’t can be friends. Because you’ll probably never ask me to share my fries with you.

The first two sentences might have revealed my idea of fitness. And then a tweet like this really helps me justify it all.

It might be a bit contradictory but I have ACTUALLY  tried to get on the fitness bandwagon a couple of times.

  • Joined the gym twice. First adventure lasted for 15 days and the second one lasted a little less than a month.
  • Green tea wave was huge but that phase didn’t last long
  • Bought a fitness-tracker. That’s it.

At the end of this and a few more failed trials I realized a few things that were going wrong all this time.

  1. My goals – Losing X kilos before diwali or losing a few inches just to fit in the dress I want to wear at a wedding. These goals are achievable and motivating but unfortunately we turn to some unhealthy diets or quick fixes that make things worse.
  2. Repetitive routine – I used to pick one regime and stick to it until I absolutely hated it. It was just like a new favorite song that we listen to about 100000 times and then skip it every time it shows on the playlist.
  3. Eating habits – Gyms and chaat stalls should be as far from each other as possible. After 40 minutes of workout I thought I earned a right to have a serving of deep fried chaat or anything junk food. And even that was fine until it became almost everyday thingy. #Guilty

Fitness is not about shedding a few kilos or reaching your desired weight, it’s more like a way of life. And it only occurred to me when I didn’t ask for mint mayo in my subway after looking at the arm flab. :'( Well, I am a foodie and it is a big deal. So, no more weight loss plans for some random wedding but actually achieving fitness in true sense.

I have taken a few baby steps towards that which are pocket friendly too.

  • Realistic goals that are both short term and long term. Like I want to run a marathon.
  • No more gym for me. I’m sure there are many people who love to workout in the gyms but it doesn’t work for me. It’s important that we find our pace and constantly make a move. Youtube workout videos worked really well for me. It is not repetitive and it’s FREE (don’t point out the data charges as we already are paying for it to watching cute cat videos or whatever you do with it). I, of all the people, truly understand how thoughts of taking up a gym membership can resurface commitment phobias. And lets not ignore mommy rants beginning from the chapter – paise ped par nahi ugte!
  • Calorie counting also helps to keep a track of how much we’ll have to workout later to burn it. There are free apps available to do this task for you. It really works when I have to refuse a chocolate brownie dipped in nutella. I haven’t stopped eating fattening food but I do keep a check on the portion size now.

Here are the videos that I like and that don’t require any equipment at all.

This one is my favorite.

Don’t let the length of this video make you think it’ll be easy- it’s not, but it’s worth it!

Dance your way to fitness!

It is difficult to start exercising regularly but, stay focused and dedicated because once the happy hormones kick in… there’s no going back.

Cheers to fit body, healthy lifestyle and guilt free hogging!

au revoir


  1. I am also doing the workouts at home since 2 years, and I can say I have maintained pretty well.
    However I have followed the same routine with little bit changes, but still bottom line is that I am doing the regular workouts 🙂

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