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The thing that makes me a human is my ability to dream and learn. Rest whatever I do is very robotic. Even the weekends are so predictable –

  • Online shopping
  • Going through social media feeds
  • Movie and dinner

And even before you know, the weekend goes Whoosh!!

I started making bucket lists (unrealistic, of course) to get rid of this monotony.

Leave the job >> Fly to goa >>> Never come back!!! Woo-hoo..NOT.

Learning coursera



But then I found this wonderful website called Coursera through pinterest. And yes, I was still shortlisting other stuff for my whimsy bucket list. 🙂

So, what is Coursera all about?

It offers many, many fun and interesting courses. The courses are related to languages, life science, computer science, personal development and what not. Reputed universities from all over the world create and offer these useful courses.

Something as simple as a course in grammar and punctuation, writing professional emails or as complex as aerial robotics, calculus or investment management is just a click away!

I had enrolled myself in a writing course and even before the second module got over I realized how wonderful this process of learning was. It was so convenient to learn at my own pace, at the time I want and without having to travel at all. I never imagined it would be so easy to pursue a photography course created by Michigan State University or a course in food and health created by Stanford University.

Now let’s talk monies. It’s FREE!! No kidding. All the courses available are free of cost. However, if you need a certificate of course completion then you’ll have to pay.

There is no eligibility criteria and for many courses even prior experience is not required which means anyone from any stream can opt for ANY course available.

I love the fact that I can learn about any new subject, anytime I want. I hope you too try and make the most of this wonderful website.

au revoir

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  1. Wow That’s interesting . Let me also check …bcoz I also have an impossible list in mind …leave my job…go to New Zealand….never come back …..o God ….hope this Coursers can help me

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