My tryst with Mamagoto via #Dinefest

Weekends are meant for adventures. I’m talking about the zomato inspired adventures that I daydream about all through the week. Isn’t every foodie’s soul always hungry for gastronomical adventure?!

Hawker's Noodles Vegpad Thai - Mamagoto

Enters the villain – Budget.

When your craving says fine dining but the pocket says let it go…

Enters the hero – #Dinefest

Some people eat to live and others live to eat. I belong to the latter tribe, and I’m totally judging you if you’re from the former. But we all would agree that when it comes to fine dining, most of us wait for some special occasion like birthdays or anniversaries. What if I tell you that fine dining and the b-word (budget) are friends now! Dinefest has made fine dining very pocket friendly.

DineFest, a bi-annual culinary event, showcases the finest culinary experience through three-course prix fixe menus priced at a fraction of a la carte rates. This wonderful 10 day event is just perfect to discover new restaurants without hurting your pocket.

From more than a dozen options available, we chose Mamagoto. It is a fusion Pan Asian café located in the middle lane of Khan market. It was very easy to locate the restaurant. A welcoming, bright yellow door and a flight of stairs later I found myself in a colorful and vibrant place. The literal translation of Mamagoto is ‘to play with food’ and the quirky decor of the restaurant makes for a perfect playground. The reservations were already made by the #Dinefest team and so we didn’t have to wait at all. Some might find it a little noisy, but I loved the vibe and energy of the place.

The food extravaganza began with the appetizers – Vegetable Basil Cups and Corn fritters. The soy, mushroom and corn served on a fresh lettuce with chilly sauce made my taste buds dance with joy. The freshness and crunch of the lettuce and the heat of the chilly sauce was a mind blowing combination. And, the bite size corn fritters were oh-so crispy! Both the appetizers were amazing and I highly recommend these to my herbivorous friends.

Mamagoto - Vegetable Basil Cups

Mamagoto - Bite size Corn Fritter balls

Up next, main course!

Steam fish in chilly oyster sauce and spring onion - Mamagoto

Hawker's Noodles Vegpad Thai - Mamagoto

I had ordered steam fish in chilly oyster sauce & spring onion with Hawker’s Noodles Vegpad Thai. Both the dishes were lip smacking good! I don’t think I ever have to see their menu to decide what to eat – team fishy for life! The mild flavors of oyster sauce were complimenting the steam fish really well. On the other hand, Hawker’s Noodles Vegpad Thai was just the opposite – Burst of flavors!

Chicken with garlic and star aniseed with crispy spinach

Vegetable Fried Rice

My friend ordered Chicken with garlic and Star Aniseed aroma with crispy Spinach and Vegetable fried rice. The chicken was tender, juicy, flavorful and the crispy spinach was complimenting it very well but the fried rice was a bit dry and bland.

By this time we were stuffed but, we still ordered desserts against our better judgement 😀

Truth be told, I wanted to jump to the desserts even before the appetizers. If this Caramel sponge cake with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream was a Swarm app user, it would have dethroned many desserts off the menu! THAT GOOD! The bubbling toffee sauce was a soul warming delight. Caramel cake bathed in silky smooth toffee sauce with a little vanilla ice cream is nothing but a spoonful of heaven. I highly recommend this to everybody. Sadly, the Chocolate walnut fudge with ice cream could not surpass my expectations but I highly appreciate the fact that they serve egg less desserts too.

Desserts at Mamagoto #Dinefest

The portion size was so good that if you saw two humpty-dumpties walking around the market that day, it was probably us! 😉

All in all it was a seamless experience and I will eagerly wait for the #Dinefest in february 2017!

This complimentary meal was a prize for #DineFest contest hosted by

Au revoir
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