On a sweet note – Matrimony of Bournvita and Marie biscuit

The month of monday tests has arrived. *gasps*

Please don’t tell me you had no such thing in your school. I’m talking about the time when the motivational instagram posts – May your coffee be strong and Monday be short – made no sense because these weekly tests were scheduled immediately after assembly/prayer. So even a shorter monday, ie half day, wouldn’t have saved us. These tests were inevitable. The only good thing about those mondays were games period, SUPWs (its full form is Socially Useful Productive Work #whoknew) and lab experiments. In short, all cool stuff happened after recess!

Even though I hated these tests back then, but I still loved monday because on one one such Monday I learnt something so cool that I had to add ‘Chef’ to my social media platform (read orkut) bio.

Sweet Chocoball ingredients

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