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buy Orlistat 120 mg online no prescription The thing that makes me a human is my ability to dream and learn. Rest whatever I do is very robotic. Even the weekends are so predictable –

  • Online shopping
  • Going through social media feeds
  • Movie and dinner

http://nottsbushido.co.uk/hotstore/Hotsale-20150822-270600.html And even before you know, the weekend goes Whoosh!!

buy Pregabalin in uk I started making bucket lists (unrealistic, of course) to get rid of this monotony.

http://drybonesinthevalley.com/?tyiuds=options-trade-newsletter Leave the job >> Fly to goa >>> Never come back!!! Woo-hoo..NOT.

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My tryst with Mamagoto via #Dinefest

Weekends are meant for adventures. I’m talking about the zomato inspired adventures that I daydream about all through the week. Isn’t every foodie’s soul always hungry for gastronomical adventure?!

Hawker's Noodles Vegpad Thai - Mamagoto

Enters the villain – Budget.

When your craving says fine dining but the pocket says let it go…

Enters the hero – #Dinefest

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