On a sweet note – Matrimony of Bournvita and Marie biscuit

The month of monday tests has arrived. *gasps*

Please don’t tell me you had no such thing in your school. I’m talking about the time when the motivational instagram posts – May your coffee be strong and Monday be short – made no sense because these weekly tests were scheduled immediately after assembly/prayer. So even a shorter monday, ie half day, wouldn’t have saved us. These tests were inevitable. The only good thing about those mondays were games period, SUPWs (its full form is Socially Useful Productive Work #whoknew) and lab experiments. In short, all cool stuff happened after recess!

Even though I hated these tests back then, but I still loved monday because on one one such Monday I learnt something so cool that I had to add ‘Chef’ to my social media platform (read orkut) bio.

Sweet Chocoball ingredients

I learned to make a no bake, no heat, no hassle dessert!

No prior preparation means it’s perfect for your culinary debut!

Today, I would like to share the recipe of this delicious matrimony of Bournvita and Britannia Marie biscuit!

Sweet Ingredients


Ingredients needed :

  • Bournvita
  • Marie Biscuits
  • Milk/Water (I’d say use milk, it makes this a healthy dessert! :p)
  • Dry fruits (optional)

Step 1 – Crush the biscuits coarsely. A mess-free alternative would be putting the biscuits in a zip-lock bag and giving it a good whack.

Step 2 – Add bournvita (be generous!)

Step 3 – Mix the two dry ingredients (or three, in case you’ve added chopped dry fruits as well) and add milk one teaspoon at a time.

Step 4 – Once you get a dough types consistency, make tiny balls out of it and refrigerate for 15 minutes. Though I should warn you that it takes a lot of willpower to not gulp em down immediately 😀

Sweet Bournvita + Marie Biscuits=Chocoballs

TADAAA!! Welcome to the main-bhi-chef gang! :p

The weight of each ingredient is at your discretion. It’s your food lab, go crazy!

Did I mention this labor of love won’t cost more than 50 bucks?! Yay for #CheapThrills

I want to dedicate this silly post to my baby brother who just can’t stop blabbering about the hostel mess food. Err,,..and this is about as much emo as I can get online.

Do let me know if you try this easy-peasy chocoball (without chocolate) dessert.

Au revoir!


  1. I bet it would taste great. May be I will add Chocolate syrup, just as a topping, and bliss.

    Thanks for the DIY chocoball tutorial. I shall try it out this weekend. As a matter of fact, I already have most of the ingredients. 😛

    Anyhow, delicious post.

    1. Yeah, I hope they do! And the best part is that they can make it themselves. No fire means no adult supervision required!! Thank you for visiting the blog!:)

  2. Haha. Thanks for the DIY Chocolate ball recipe :p . I have done this when I was in college when I was too lazy to prepare anything. They taste good, I know. 😉 Btw, you should try it with Thin arrowroot Marie biscuits 🙂

    1. hehe…not really a chef. Isn’t it great to whip up a dessert from something as random as a marie biscuit! Thank you for visiting the blog!

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