This has to be one of the most loved hashtags on twitter. A mere mention of #StarMoviesSecretScreening triggers a chain reaction of joy. If you don’t already know, @StarMoviesIndia hosts #StarMoviesSecretScreening, where they invite the chosen ones. The secret keepers get an invitation with a riddle. Answer to the riddle is the reason for this celebration.

So, what happens when these secret keepers unite?




Every movie buff would agree that watching a movie on the first day of release itself is such a high. (Even Anna Hazare ji mentioned how he never used to miss the first show of a Bollywood movies, as he used to lose interest the day after :D.) And now imagine watching the latest hollywood movies days before its release in India!! 😎


This time the secret keepers got to see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children in 3D, two days before its release in India.

As the movie is directed by Tim Burton, based on the best-selling novel, this whimsical story became an unforgettable movie. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is about a young boy’s discovery of his own unusual abilities and those of his grandparent’s friends. I felt like all the characters of the book come alive and do justice to every frame. It’s like the baby version of X-Men, says my 11 year old cousin.

The fabulous #StarMoviesSecretScreening team spoils their secret keepers silly. The secret keepers are showered with goodies. There is always something thoughtful and fun planned for the evening. A photo booth, a kung fu performance, a mini chinatown setup with props, fortune cookies, souvenirs, etc.



A reunion with twitter friends, good food, great movie, souvenirs and such warm hospitality makes each #StarMoviesSecretScreening unforgettable!

Always goofing around! :p

And, we-the secret keepers, await the next secret. Shhh…

au revoir

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  1. Excellent write-up ms Feb! In my hey days loved being at the first day first show … But these hidden societies are straight out of Dan Brown’s pages…

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