This has to be one of the most loved hashtags on twitter. A mere mention of #StarMoviesSecretScreening triggers a chain reaction of joy. If you don’t already know, @StarMoviesIndia hosts #StarMoviesSecretScreening, where they invite the chosen ones. The secret keepers get an invitation with a riddle. Answer to the riddle is the reason for this celebration.

So, what happens when these secret keepers unite?


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Unlock lifelong learning

The thing that makes me a human is my ability to dream and learn. Rest whatever I do is very robotic. Even the weekends are so predictable –

  • Online shopping
  • Going through social media feeds
  • Movie and dinner

And even before you know, the weekend goes Whoosh!!

I started making bucket lists (unrealistic, of course) to get rid of this monotony.

Leave the job >> Fly to goa >>> Never come back!!! Woo-hoo..NOT.

Learning coursera



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What if best Bollywood movies had minions as sidekicks

What comes to your mind when I say – Babumoshai or ‘Jaa, Simran jaa. Jee le apni zindagi!’ ?

If the picture of bollywood stars just popped in your head then, we are in the same boat, buddy!

The BollyMasala Boat!

We all have atleast one bollywood dialogue, or a scene, or even the whole movie( if you’re a bollywood Einstein) etched on our minds. We’ve seen these classic movies so many times that we just can’t think of anyone else as Raj except Shahrukh Khan or anyone else playing Prem other than Salman Khan. But what’s the fun if you don’t color outside the lines or, in this case, color in the frame!

Imagine what it would be like if the bollywood heroes could get a little help from the minions!Bollywood Collage

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My tryst with Mamagoto via #Dinefest

Weekends are meant for adventures. I’m talking about the zomato inspired adventures that I daydream about all through the week. Isn’t every foodie’s soul always hungry for gastronomical adventure?!

Hawker's Noodles Vegpad Thai - Mamagoto

Enters the villain – Budget.

When your craving says fine dining but the pocket says let it go…

Enters the hero – #Dinefest

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On a sweet note – Matrimony of Bournvita and Marie biscuit

The month of monday tests has arrived. *gasps*

Please don’t tell me you had no such thing in your school. I’m talking about the time when the motivational instagram posts – May your coffee be strong and Monday be short – made no sense because these weekly tests were scheduled immediately after assembly/prayer. So even a shorter monday, ie half day, wouldn’t have saved us. These tests were inevitable. The only good thing about those mondays were games period, SUPWs (its full form is Socially Useful Productive Work #whoknew) and lab experiments. In short, all cool stuff happened after recess!

Even though I hated these tests back then, but I still loved monday because on one one such Monday I learnt something so cool that I had to add ‘Chef’ to my social media platform (read orkut) bio.

Sweet Chocoball ingredients

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