Kara nail polish remover wipes in Lemon


That’s what they call my tribe.

Kara nail polish wipes

Situations cropping up last minute and always running late. (I haven’t met any of you yet but I’m almost certain that you exist.) So, here’s how it usually goes…

In the morning

Mom: We all have to attend this wedding tonight, be ready on time.

Me: Sure!

Two hours to leave

Mom: Picked out a dress yet?

Me: Nah, there’s a lot of time.

20 minutes to leave

And the inevitable

Nevertheless, I get ready in no time reasonable time but that never includes taking care of chipped nail polish. Reapplying nail paint at this stage is another ballgame altogether. And if you have tried to cover chipped nail polish in a hurry then you know the result is nothing but a gloopy mess.

I am so glad that Kara came up with these super useful nail polish wipes!!

Kara nail polish wipes

A wipe is fully soaked in acetone-free nail polish remover, which is enough to clean 10 nails (and even more). And the best part is that it smells so good. I have used it in a car with AC on and nobody rolled eyes. That is a big deal you guys.


  • No need for a cotton swab
  • It is acetone free
  • No white cast on nails afterwards
  • Travel friendly plastic container
  • Cost effective
  • Even gives glitter nail paints a tough fight (& wins, of course!)
  • Contains olive oil and Vitamin E which moisturizes the nail and skin surrounding it.


  • Leaves no white cast, but it makes the nail a little greasy. Undeniably greasy.

However, this greasiness evaporates in 2-3 minutes leaving squeaky clean nails and a mild lemon fragrance. So, it’s not really much of a problem.

Price – Rs. 100 for 30 wipes

If you are still using those nail polish removers that evaporate faster than you can say Mississippi, or leaves a smell that can make you want to procrastinate manicure – It’s time to switch!

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