Innisfree Nose pack strips – The rescue rangers

Lets just accept that the worst part of getting a facial is to act like an adult and let the beautician poke that pointy tool on your nose to remove blackheads. *wipes a silent tear*Innisfree Nose pack for blackhead

I am not too adventurous otherwise but I did try a couple of things when it came to finding alternatives to get rid of this painful procedure.

  • tried applying ice cubes before blackhead extraction
  • tried steam facial
  • katori wax (oh man! this was something)

Basically, every procedure came with its own kind of pain or discomfort. And a grumpy version of myself walked out of the parlour with a red nose every time.

I stopped taking these treatments and took scrubbing shelter. I started using a walnut scrub once every week. And life was good UNTIL a random ugly picture of blackhead popped up on my twitter timeline and grossed me out. Please don’t let your curiosity take you to that post. Anyway, the quest for blackhead remover started again and ended with my visit to the Innisfree store.

Innisfree Nose pack for blackhead

Innisfree store is a candy land for someone who loves natural skincare products. Full of natural benefits from Jeju island, these products are winning hearts all across the world.

My mother has been using (and loving) the Green Tea Seed Serum for quite some time now and I have also been an ardent fan of their sheet masks. So, the moment I saw Innisfree Jeju volcanic nose pack I knew it was worth giving a shot.Innisfree Nose pack for blackhead removal

According to the description, on the packet, it’s a patch with powerful Jeju volcanic that attaches to sebum and completely removes blackheads. Without much expectation and a lot of anticipating pain, I tried the nose pack. I splashed water on my face, removed the patch from the plastic and placed it on the nose. After 15 minutes, I slowly removed the pack from bottom to top and not ripped it like a bandaid. To my surprise, the strip had done its job without causing any pain! I sprayed some toner on my nose and got back to inspecting the nose pack. The result was visible on my nose as well as the strip (eww..i know).

Price : Rs. 250/- for a pack containing 6 patches.

Its not just cost effective but also comes with a convenience of not having to visit a parlour.

According to me this is the most comfortable and hygienic way of extracting blackheads. The innocent looking blackhead removal tool makes me shudder, but thankfully I don’t have to use it anymore. Yay!

Au revoir!

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