Sweet October – Happy Diwali!

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Diwali of 2016 felt different.Diwali 2016

http://unbeatableconservatories.co.uk/miosds/2524 Not that I could escape the Chandni Chowk cardio (you know, lifting heavyweights aka dry fruits trays) or the task of choosing perfect 21 clay lamps from a heap of lamps. This heap is surrounded by aunties and uncles, who are –

  • busy pulling their partners from that circle
  • or being pulled out from the circle

http://curemito.org/estorke/5252 Diwali 2016

site rencontre entierement gratuit forum Diwali 2016

follow url Diwali 2016

http://blossomjar.com/pacinity/1944 And I definitely could not escape the WhatsApp forwarded messages! Lets not even talk about those GIFs. Sigh.

enter Diwali 2016

source link Diwali 2016

http://flywind.com.br/bakester/4894 Diwali 2016

http://tripleinfo.net/viposiw/pioer/295 During the evening puja, we all sang the same aarti in different tunes and irritated the elders with selfie spree.


I ate sweets to my heart’s content while hoping green tea detox is not a myth and it would bring some equilibrium to this sweet equation. A fun filled diwali with family and fairy lights. It was just as amazing as the year before that but, like I said before, it felt different. Here’s what changed since last year – It’s my beautiful little corner in the big, big world of internet – February Rêve!

Diwali 2016

I have a space where I can write about the nasty kid who almost pushed me onto the heap of clay lamps or the girl who could not differentiate between cumin seeds and carom seeds in Khari Baoli. Okay…that was me :p

I hope this diwali brightens up your future endeavors!


au revoir

P.S. The title of this post might or might not be inspired by the empty box of gulab jamuns. #Guilty

P.P.S. I managed to drown a floating candle too #Talent

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