Eliminate body odor using only one natural ingredient

When life gives you lemons throw em at someone. Oh, wait. Better idea – keep the lemons and throw away deodorants instead.

Lemons fight body odor

No joke!

A lot of beauty elixirs are sourced from the kitchen and are known for providing higher success rates than those chemical filled tubes/jars. This one however was hiding in the refrigerator all this time. Not anymore!

Allow me to introduce a deodorant that will never fail you – LEMON!

Lemons are used in a lot of beauty DIYs. Its presence can be seen in many products which help in removing sun-tan or lightening dark spots, etc. Soaps and room fresheners of lemon fragrance are also loved by many but its quality to curb body odor isn’t spoken about much.

It is bacterial activity on the skin that is responsible for an unpleasant odor. The acidic property of lemon juice helps to fight against body odor causing bacteria.

So, all it takes is a wedge of lemon. After taking a bath, dab some lemon juice on your armpits and that’s it. Yup! It is effective for more than 12 hours. Initially you might feel the need to reapply after 3-4 hours but with regular use the effective hours also increase.

I have been personally using just lemon juice as a deodorant for more than two years now. There was never a moment when I felt the need to switch back to chemical deodorants ever since then. I can’t really comment if it also helps in lightening the underarms because I didn’t have that issue when I started using lemon juice. I did not face any allergic reaction to lemon juice but I’d suggest you take a patch test before taking the plunge and using it on the armpits.

Not just it’s natural but also very cost effective and has no side-effects. And even availability of lemons is not an issue.

Caution -Do NOT reapply lemon juice without wiping the skin with a damp cloth first. It can sting if applied over sweaty or irritated skin.

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