Durga Pujo 2016 at C.R. Park

I can’t say about you but all my trips (within the city or outside) require strategic planning.

Durga Pujo C.R. Park

The Planning stage

This stage brought an overwhelming feeling of déjà vu simply because I had made this plan last year, the year before that and the year before that as well. In short, we had over-planned all these years and it was  high time to put this planning to use.Durga Pujo 2016


A random whim did what years of planning couldn’t – we were going to C.R. Park after postponing two days in a row. Spontaneous plans are so much fun. No google searches, no facebook page check for pandal address and no traffic situation update. Oh well, we regretted not doing this last check as soon as the traffic got dense at Nehru place. Snail speed traffic is a perfect opportunity for the driver to point out how we wouldn’t have been stuck if only the co-passenger got dressed and showed up on time. Blah. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the perfect time to practice all the anulom-vilom you ever learnt from either Baba Ramdev or Shilpa Shetty! Durga Pujo 2016

We entered C.R. Park and also the fight for a parking spot. Jam packed streets were preparing us for the rush at the pandal. Co-passenger aka I, proved my claim to ride shotgun seat by helping find an awesome parking spot!

Durga Pujo 2016

Finding our way to the pandal was really easy because streets leading to the pandals were lit with string of festive lights. There were friendly policemen all over the area helping people with the directions, parking and managing the traffic. After seeing the pictures in Delhi Times all these years I was so excited to finally witness Durga Pujo at C.R. Park!Durga Pujo 2016

Durga Pujo 2016

The pandal was decorated with sal leaf bowls (dona) and bamboo sticks. While the aromatic smell of biryani & chicken rolls and foot-tapping music were enveloping the place, laughter and warm reunions were taking place all over the pandal. There were fun activities like balloon shooting and rides for kids. After gorging on golgappas I tried my hand at balloon shooting and was horrible at it. It was while talking to a security personnel my friend got to know that this wasn’t the only pandal in C.R. Park. Turned out there were more than four pandals in the neighborhood. We couldn’t pay a visit to all the pandals in C.R. Park this year nonetheless I had a great time. This is the first time I tried photography in a public place. It was surely a daunting task but I started enjoying it after a while.Durga Pujo 2016

Durga Pujo 2016

The fact that I don’t consume non-vegetarian food during navratras narrowed down my options drastically. Though there was lip smacking jhalmudi and dosas available at every pandal, we decided to skip that and rush to Moolchand for paneer parathas instead!Durga Pujo 2016

This is one thing I can now check off my delhi bucket list! Hope you all had a joyous Durga Pujo.

au revoir

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