Colourpop Haul | Holiday Collection 2016 | Shopping Experience

This story began with those three magical words – Free International Shipping!


I was very late to this party. The instagram famous cosmetics brand Colourpop is all over the place. Their Ultra matte liquid lipsticks are all the rage over social media. The quality and variety of shades that they offer is hard to ignore. And then the price range is like a big, juicy cherry on top of the cake. The only thing that was stopping me from placing the order was International shipping prices and custom fee. On 24th November, when Colourpop announced free international shipping for just 24 hours with no minimum order, it became way too difficult to let this lucrative offer pass. So, I quickly (read after scanning the whole website many times & watching countless swatch videos on youtube) placed a tiny order.

As this was my first Colourpop order, I wanted to try both matte and satin liquid lipsticks. I picked two shades from the holiday collection #NowPlaying and two from the regular collection.

Colourpop Wink and Perky

From the Holiday Collection

  • Perky – Ultra Matte
  • Wink – Ultra Satin

Also, I picked Frick n Frack which is an Ultra Satin and Creeper which is Ultra Matte.

Colourpop Haul
Top to Bottom – Creeper, Frick n Frack, Wink and Perky

Perky is a warm toned muted rose. It’s a very wearable, everyday kind of shade. I would highly recommend this shade.

Wink is a deep pinky plum. It is a perfect fall shade. This is the first time I picked a dark, bold lip color and it is not at all overwhelming. I love how it compliments my skin tone.

Frick n Frack is a rosy terracotta. It is an everyday brown shade

Creeper is a matte blue toned red. Many people would relate it with ‘shaadi wala red’. A vibrant shade that would brighten your smile and ensure that your pearly whites look their best.

Colourpop swatch

All four shades are very pigmented. I feel the colors are darker than what they appear on hand swatches shown on the website. I wish they included lip swatches for new shades like Perky and Wink as it was difficult to judge how they’d look on lips. The formula is great as it gives an opaque application in single swipe. It is not kiss proof  but manages to leave a lip stain even after the greasiest meal. In fact, you would NEED makeup remover or oil to wipe it off completely.

Colourpop Haul

The products were at my doorstep within a week of placing order. Yup, that was fast!  I was provided a tracking number as soon as they shipped the parcel. My order did not attract any custom fee and I’m guessing it was because the order was for just $24.

Colourpop Haul

The website is easy to navigate and so is the checking out process. The Ultra Mattes and Satin are priced at $6 (Rs. 400+ approx). The Lippie Stixs and Lip pencils are priced at $5 (Rs. 350 approx).

They are hosting a massive holiday sale all through December by dropping new offers, bundles & value packs every other day.

Will I repurchase Colourpop lipcolours?

Yes. I will try to get my hands on Lippie stix now and also other Ultra Satin lip colors. I really like Ultra Matte too, but it requires exfoliating the lips beforehand and so Ultra Satin is the best bet for lazy girls. :p

Here in India the options of lip shades mostly revolve around red or pink family of colors. Colourpop has a wide range of neutrals, nudes and a lot of options for every skin tone. Until the brands in Indian market bring such colors at such competitive prices, I will continue making the most of these free shipping offers!

au revoir

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