The Time I Fell In Love With SPINACH | Cafe Lota, Delhi

application rencontre gratuite sur facebook I know…the past-me is looking like I just betrayed her. All the revolt against this green veggie suddenly came to a halt. I found myself waving white peace flags and asking the waiter to get me some more spinach.

go site Cafe lota, Delhi

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Buy Cialis 25 mg in Aurora Colorado Cafe Lota is located inside the Crafts museum premises. The ambience of this cafe is similar to that of the museum. Minimal decor, traditional art and mirror work on mud walls, simple furniture, bamboo ropes and potted plants all around the restaurant. The simplicity of the cafe is comforting, just like its food. 

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  Palak patta chaat


 We ordered Palak patta chaat and fish tikka for starters. The melt-in-your-mouth, juicy fish tikka was bursting with flavors. It was a simple-yet-mind-blowing kinda dish. After this we tried the famous chaat, containing an infamous leafy vegetable aka my arch-enemy, which shattered the walls of hatred in the first bite itself. Who knew spinach could be this delicious?! Oh, may be Popeye did.
Palak patta chaat at cafe lota
Wasn’t kidding when I said I asked for more spinach!

Anyhoo, I totally underestimated the serving size of the chaat and ended up not ordering anything for the main course. But, my foodie friend ordered Biryani and I just had to try it. The fragrant and flavorful biryani was paired with mirchi ka salaan, which, btw, wasn’t half as spicy as I expected it to be. I’d suggest you ask about the serving size and spiciness of the food before ordering anything.

Biryani with salaan

I couldn’t try a lot of dishes, but all in all it was a wonderful experience. I can safely say it’s one of those places where you can go for familiar comfort food. It’s the perfect place for a lazy Sunday brunch or for times when you want to have endless conversations with friends or family. There are no flashy lights or loud music to disturb, just soulful food and art all around!
P.S. The parking space is a little far from the cafe. But, one can use a little walk after all that scrumptious food. 😀
au revoir

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