Asian Hawkers Market {Photo Diary} – Select Citywalk


Asian Hawkers Market

Venue – Select Citywalk, Saket

When – 10th-12th Feb {Today is the last day}


February is the month of love. The city is celebrating its love for food, literature and music. One such celebration is taking place in the courtyard of Select Citywalk , Saket. Asian hawkers market has brought together a lot of popular restaurants for this food fiesta. Chi Asian Cookhouse, Burma Burma, Wai Wai City, Social Offline, The Bento Cafe, Ziu, Ping’s PCO, WOW momo, Berco’s and many more are participating in this fourth edition of Asian hawkers market.

Asian Hawkers Market Asian Hawkers Market Asian Hawkers Market

Asian Hawkers Market Asian Hawkers Market

Asian Hawkers Market Asian Hawkers Market    Asian Hawkers Market Asian Hawkers Market


I tried Prawn tempura sushi from The Bento Cafe – with wasabi, gari(pickled ginger) and soy sauce, the prawn sushi was a riot of flavors and the dry ice fog effect for presentation was kinda cool too. Bubble tea from Burma Burma with Soy milk and tapioca pearls was okay but a little overpriced- How cute is their logo, though!! Ho Chi Minh Grilled Chicken Satay from Chi Asian Cookhouse – juicy chicken with a hint of lemongrass, very mild. My favorite discovery was Wai Wai City. They are serving six of their signature selection. I tried China chilly and Kung pao delight. Lots of veggies, pan fried noodles and roasted peanuts with Kung Pao sauce was so comforting. Kung pao delight was a clear winner for me.

Asian Hawkers Market Asian Hawkers Market Asian Hawkers Market

Live music, live food counters and lots of Asian food. It’s a great way to try new dishes from different restaurants minus all the travelling.

Some of the counters are accepting  payment through cards and Paytm as well.

P.S. There’s a puppy love counter too. You can play with these adorable puppies, and can give one a home by adopting it free of cost.

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  1. The photographs really bring the market to life, I feel. So vibrant, so full of light. Would have been nice to see some closeups of people enjoying the event too! 🙂 Yummy food as well.

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